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Nick and his harmonica

Estes Park TRIP

Nic and I reminisce on the trip we took to Estes Park for my birthday

November, 14 2019

Nick and I talk

Daddy issues…resolved?

Tangential When Nick use this word to describe our podcast I doubt it it’s authenticity… I’ll admit it, I was wrong!

Step backwards

Letting Go

Nick and I discuss the painful but necessary process of letting go

Growing pains

Step 1-1/2

Step One

Commitment to sobriety

Two good friends choose to be sober

Sexual abuse

Nick and I discuss an article I came across online.

How the interaction with a child can change your entire outlook

Part one of a two-part episode

I lost someone’s trust

Off the rails personal catch up #Kolby#snowloaf


Nick and I discussed the current going on’s, Including parents anniversary and job status

Breast biopsy

Nic and I discuss dissociative identity disorder and an upcoming biopsy

Nick and I converse

Potential proposal?

My very beautiful friend and her beautiful daughter: Anecia and Constance join me for this podcast

I don’t think he liked my answer…

Working on daddy issues

Onto the Next Chapter

As they say when one chapter ends and another begins

Nick and I discuss the current goings-on. I argue that I’m crazy.... He challenges this

I’m not over him 😳

Just when I thought I had a handle on things…

 I have déjà vu from saying this once before

I could’ve sworn I had moved on

Feeling stuck, I am presented with what should be-an amazingly easy way out

An honest and open discussion with Nick & Jeff... the word midget comes up a lot 🤨

Solo podcast, having just left a memorial service for one of my best friends ex wife, I reflect

A day for mourning

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