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Long time conversation that needed to be had with me and my eldest. Tidbits about what happened after

Varied topics, most which make Nick uncomfortable… Reasons why people hate me

blow job part two

*Possibly offensive/controversial. Listen at your own risk

Nick and I discuss, with a third anonymous party, deep-seated emotions which drive us to make choices that could later be considered selfish or narcissistic. Conversation regarding my son his girlfriend and their choices I also touched upon

Nic and I sit down for a discussion regarding my aging parents

Solo podcast

I think I whine a lot.... But I did try to throw in some things I am grateful for

Nick and I discussed a recent birthday celebration for his ex-wife

Nick and his harmonica

Estes Park TRIP

Nic and I reminisce on the trip we took to Estes Park for my birthday

November, 14 2019

Nick and I talk

Daddy issues…resolved?

Tangential When Nick use this word to describe our podcast I doubt it it’s authenticity… I’ll admit it, I was wrong!

Step backwards

Letting Go

Nick and I discuss the painful but necessary process of letting go

Growing pains

Step 1-1/2

Step One

Commitment to sobriety

Two good friends choose to be sober

Sexual abuse

Nick and I discuss an article I came across online.

How the interaction with a child can change your entire outlook

Part one of a two-part episode

I lost someone’s trust

Off the rails personal catch up #Kolby#snowloaf


Nick and I discussed the current going on’s, Including parents anniversary and job status

Breast biopsy

Nic and I discuss dissociative identity disorder and an upcoming biopsy

Nick and I converse

Potential proposal?

My very beautiful friend and her beautiful daughter: Anecia and Constance join me for this podcast

I don’t think he liked my answer…

Working on daddy issues

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